Weightless Riding© is a technique developed by Desiree du Pisanie over many years and brings together the skills and disciplines of various techniques she has mastered.  It was in seeing the difficulties the horse and rider have in their communication with each other that she started to realise that there was a better way to achieve perfection for both horse and rider.  When the rider's body is not 'speaking' to the horse correctly, the horse cannot follow quiet aids.

I have been working with riders and horses with body issues for more than 30 years now. Using my knowledge of anatoma and physiology (of both horse and rider) and the classical art of riding, I have mixed this in a unique way to become Weightless Riding.

This technique:

    • increases rider's body awareness
    • alerts the rider to the horse's body movements
    • assessing emotional tension and how it increases body tension
    • corrects alignment and balance, positively influencing the horse
    • reduces unnessary stress or wear on body parts – for horse and rider
    • enhances the riding experience - making it weightless and free flowing

If you're interested in find out more, read this article from a pupil of Desiree du Pisanie and how this changed the riding experience for her.  You can also enquire about one of her workshops or individual one-to-one sessions and courses.


The secret to riding is to do only a few things, but to do them right.

Nuno Oliveira