When I met Andrea and Pummi, the combination was in a state of panic. She was really concerned about how safe he was. I immediately saw that she was not breathing, which would be a normal reaction to being worried, and showed her how to relax, breathe and enjoy her fabulously hot horse.

Here are a few of her own words:


Dear Desireé

We met almost exactly two years ago, and in I want to thank you for the best
thirteen lessons I have had in my life so far! Two years ago I would
never have dreamed that riding could be flowing and harmonious in
this way. Your leassons are really addictive! In each and every
lesson I saw not only my own progress, but also that of my horse.

I wanted to sell Pummi two years ago while my old, restricted ways made him resist
terribly up to the point where he was uncontrollable.

You turned my knowledge of the world of riding world upside down with your quiet
way .

Two years ago I needed the longest spurs to ride,now I need to take a deep breath in
and my horse already goes into canter.

Ever since I have been following your instruction, I do not have any back ache or
problems with my knees, because you teach us to ride in a completely
relaxed way.

Your picturescue speach has enabled me to contimue my training in the long months
between lessons.

It is fantastic to see how beautiful my Pummi has become with the help of your lessons,
and both of us look forward to many more lessons with you!

Greetings from