I met Andrea and Stefan when they were having a number of issues with their riding.  I immediately noticed that there was tension in the riders that was causing restrictions in the horse and this was affecting their performance.  I immediately used my knowledge of body movement between horse and rider to start a corrective processes to make the riders more aware of their impact on the horse.

Below is a statement from the riders themselves:


Desiree – Different to other trainers

Hello, first we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Andrea and Stefan Giesecke and we are very active in Western competition riding.We came into contact with Desiree through a friend , originally with the idea to have a single lesson in „correcting the seat of the rider“ from her.

"Correcting the seat of the rider“ cannot nearly do justice to what Desiree can transmit. It is about complete control over the rider´s own body which then transfers into fine communication with the horse. We have become Desiree-fans and her visits to us have turned into regular weekend-workshops, incorporating an ever-growing group of competition riders. No matter whether you are a leisure or sport rider, what your discipline or standard is, Desiree meets you there, encouraging and demanding in a caring, but logical way.

We have really progressed as riders, and this is confirmed by the riders we compete with. Results in the German as well as European Championships validated our journey, as we are always more capable of taking what we learned with us into the competitions. Not only do the horses perform better, they are also doing it with less stress. An unbelievable example is the thought of „passage“ to trot over raised poles in the difficult trail , or how to ride the smallest circles with one hand by „stealing“ the idea from canter pirouette – in which Desiree does not teach the horse, but rather the rider how to do it. As a rider one definitely has to have a certain willingness to question one´s own methods (for this will be transferred to the horse!), but Desiree has an excellent eye for small details, and always comes up with the right idea on how to convey that.

Her special know-how combination, understanding the anatomy and bio-mechanics of both the horse and the rider, as well as being a high class rider herself, makes her pretty unique. All her work can be incorporated with that of other trainers, where tactics and manouvers etc might be more in the foreground

We shall continue on this road with her, for we still have such a lot to learn. We can warmly recommend Desiree, she opens horizons!